Graham Kapowsin Football

GK Booster



The Graham-Kapowsin High School Football Booster Club is an all-volunteer organization that is committed to supporting coaches, athletes, and school programs in a positive way both on and off the field. The purpose of the G-K Football Booster Club is to promote, develop, encourage and support Graham-Kapowsin High School. Our goal is to enhance a more integrated relationship among the parents, administration, faculty, coaching staff, football players, as well as the Graham community. We want to foster and promote a spirit of unity and goodwill among the members.

The GK Football Booster Club hosts or organizes the off field activities that are associated with the football team which includes: weekly team meals, game day programs (advertising, players ads, etc.), merchandise sales (game night and team spirit gear), special game night activities (senior night), fundraisers, end of the season banquet and much more. The booster club thanks everyone that has volunteered both in the off season and throughout the season to make the Graham-Kapowsin High School Football Booster Club what it is for the players, coaches, school and community.